Goedenavond, Stretch your arms, legs and ears to feel the fallen condition to dance this Friday. We are inviting people of all heritages to assemble for a session through a diverse palette of styles, rhythms and colours.

As is tradition, this month’s sermon will be accompanied by THP and the Dutch artist - Roger Gerressen, will conduct. Over the last few years Roger Gerressen has proved himself to be one of the most versatile artists out there, trying not to be predictable with his DJ sets nor his creative output as a producer. As an upcoming DJ in the early 2000’s he got the chance to warm up crowds on a regular basis at the legendary Planet Rose clubnights, which made his hometown Nijmegen (NL) an excellent place to develop his skills and to obtain a broad taste in music. Years of DJ’ing has given him the chance to see many parts of the world, playing in cities such as: New York (ReSolute), London (Fabric), Moscow (Arma17, Rodnya), Paris (Concrete, Rex Club), Tokyo (TrouwAmsterdam), Berlin (Tresor, CDV) and many more...

Gather, come Closer and indulge in the expanding echoes…

Line Up:

  • Roger Gerressen
  • TripPsy
  • Haathi
  • Pūoro

Artwork by Sestry Feldman.